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Soft silicone phone case

Feel good, wrapped very well, cool pattern

Very good phone case

This Phone case is very fashionable, metal texture immediately out, very light weight, very much like!

The leather is very soft

Fine workmanship, the right size

The wristband is very convenient to go out

The wristband is very convenient to go out

Bought three in one go

Each phone case is designed to look good, very much like

Cute smiley face

This year is very popular, Justin the same model, very suitable for couples phone case, very good!

Received the phone case

The size is just right

Love Pikachu

The styles in this store are very nice

Friends say cool!

Love it very much!

Pink is really too cute

Very girly, the edge of the phone case wrapped very well

The phone case quality is unbeatable

Phone case for a while, does not become dirty, feel good, I love this store!

Look at my new equipment

It really looks too good

Nice phone case

Get a better look in hand


Feel very good, recommended to buy!

Bought two

Bought two, both great!

So cute

So cute!

The color is very bright

Phone case is very beautiful, the color is very bright


The phone case is good-looking, stylish and has a sense of texture.

Can protect the phone lens very well

Good hand feeling, good value

Great Green

Love it.

SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's really coooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love this store so much!

The phone case is especially nice!

The back is leather

Hand feeling is very good